Congratulations to Samantha McClellan and Jarret LeBlanc

Congratulations to our very own Olympic Athletes, Samantha McClellan and Jarrett LeBlanc!

Samantha and Jarret are receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Clouthier on a weekly basis to keep them in shape as they are Olympic development athletes. The trials will take place on February 13th, 2016 in Las Angeles, California.

Samantha qualified by hitting the B standard with a time of 2:42.19 in Berlin Germany this past September (after only having begun training for marathons just a year and a half ago). Jarret qualified by hitting the B standard with a time of 1:04.19 in a half marathon. There are two levels of trials: the “A standard trials” will determine the top 3 athletes who will actually go to the Olympics in 2016. Samantha are Jarrett are training for the 2020 Olympics by going through the trials, just as the A string Athletes who qualified did 4 years ago. Wow! They are amazing athletes and committed to representing our Country in the 2020 Olympics all the way from The Woodlands, Texas! Samantha and Jarrett are such an inspiration and a blessing to Alternative Health Center!

From now until February 13, 2016, we are counting down the days as Samantha and Jarrett share their training in the up-coming weeks.

So far the rigorous training includes running and working out daily. The commitment and athletic endurance at this level of training is difficult and challenging as our Sam and Jarrett push through the daily challenges of keeping their bodies healthy and performing at top speed. This includes a good diet of high quality foods for nutrition and supplements to replenish the electrolytes as they workout their body every day with long runs. This also includes staying on track mentally, balancing every-day life of work and sleep. Yes! Olympic athletes work too!

According to the Olympic rule book: “Athletes must meet the “B” standard in order to enter the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Marathon event.

The qualifying mark must be made on a USATF certified course, in an event Sanctioned by USA Track & Field or a member federation of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The course must be USATF/IAAF/AIMS certified with an active course certification and have an elevation loss no greater than 3.25 meters/km. All course configurations will be accepted (no minimum separation).

The qualifying standards must be met from August 1, 2013 to January 17, 2016. All qualifying performances are subject to verification.

“Gun” time is the only acceptable method of timing. Chip/net times cannot be used for qualifying. Consideration may be given to “chip/tag” times for competitors with “gun” times extremely close to the above qualifying standards.

Athletes meeting the “A” standard will be provided funding support. “
We are praying for Dr. Stephen Clouthier’s Olympic athletes to qualify for the A standard and go to the official Olympic games!

NOTE: In order to compete in the Olympic Trials, all athletes must meet the Eligibility Requirements in Rule 1 of the USATF Competition Rules
Here is the link with the qualifying athletes at this time.—Calendar/2016/U-S–Olympic-Team-Trials—Marathon/Qualifying-Standards/Eligible-List.aspx

Go Sam!! Go Jarrett!!

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