How do you know you need the 21 Day Purification Program?

Are you having sluggish bowels, low energy, or acne?   These are some indicators that your organs are overloaded with toxins and you need the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program.

The 21 Day Purification Program is designed to help the liver, kidneys, small intestines and large intestines release toxins. The program’s nutritional supplements regenerate these vital organs with vitamins and minerals. To make all this manageable in your busy daily life, Standard Process has made a downloadable app available so you can track your daily food intake and consult the program. #Convenient

What do your liver, kidneys, and intestines do?

The liver filters natural toxins, aids the body in metabolizing fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and helps transform many natural toxins to limit impact and prepare for excretion. The kidneys filter waste and excess fluid from the blood, regulate and release the right balance of sodium, phosphorus, and potassium for the body to function properly. The large intestine absorbs water and electrolytes, forming waste that is excreted from the body, and contains bacteria that make short-chain fatty acids and some vitamins for extra nutritional support. The small intestine digests food and absorbs nutrients for the body to use, provides a barrier that blocks naturally-occurring toxins from the rest of the body, and regulates immune system action at the gastrointestinal level.

The liver and kidneys are constantly filtering toxins out of the body and can get overloaded, causing fatigue. When the intestines build up toxins, they become sluggish, resulting in acne and low energy. The common food items that contribute to the toxins in these organs are: refined sugar and flour (desserts), pizza, cokes, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, fruits and vegetables with pesticides, and fast foods. If you eat any of these on a regular basis, this cleansing program will help you feel better and give you back the energy that the toxin buildup is taking from you.

Instead of getting addicted to laxatives to resolve constipation, I recommend the 21 Day Purification Program every 4 to 6 months to keep the intestines from backing up.  The 21 Day Purification is in my opinion, the best cleanse and purification on the market.  Join us as we begin the the 21 day purification this month.


Steve Clouthier

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