How to use Essential Oils

Alternative Health Center highly recommends the use of Essential Oils as an aid to your health.  Dr. Clouthier uses them to compliment his Chiropractic and nutritional treatments.  I use them extensively as a massage therapist and find amazing results.  I recommend a Raindrop Session once a month to feed the systems of the body to be balanced and maintain health.  It works really well to boost the immune system and ward off colds during the winter!   A Raindrop Session only takes 30 minutes and you take a cloth with the excess oils home with you to continue to smell and receive benefits from the aroma.

If you are just getting started with Essential Oils and learning about their healing properties,  I recommend beginning with these 4 healing oils.  They are very useful on a daily basis. Keep in mind that these are just a few remedies and uses for each of these oils.

Let’s start with Lavender!

Lavender is one of the Essential Oils that is excellent for helping to relax and balance the physical and emotional bodies.  You can diffuse the soft aroma while you sleep to calm nerves and ensure a more restful slumber.

Lavender is known to sooth irritated skin, especially mosquito bites!  Apply to irritated skin area and it takes the sting and itch away.  Calming an angry mosquito bite was a great discovery for me with my children. Now we put a few drops in a spritzer and spray it on as a preventative to bug bites when playing outside.  It works well!

Lemon oil is amazing!

Lemon oil has been used to lower blood pressure and to help reduce kidney stones. The Young Living Oils are food grade, so you can put a few drops of lemon oil in your water to alkalize and give yourself a mineral boost.  When diffused, the aroma is invigorating, lifts spirits and helps bring clarity to the mind.

Tea Tree Oil or Melaleuca has many uses!

Tea Tree oil is a great oil to keep with you while traveling.   When inhaling the aroma or putting on the pulse points, it strengthens the immune system and helps decrease allergic reactions.   When my children are beginning to get a cold, I put a little behind their ears, especially at bed-time and it keeps them from getting sick.  Tea Tree oil can also remove skin tags when applied topically once a day for a few weeks.

And Frankincense oil is the go to when you don’t know what to go to oil!

Frankincense oil is an amazing Immune System boosting oil.  This oil is know to help people recover from many illnesses including cancer.  When you go to bed at night, you can massage a few drops into the bottom of your feet for health maintenance.  This will feed your adrenals and give your body some extra immune system support while you sleep!

May your journey with Essential Oils be blessed,

Margie Loving, LMT


Call the office for more information on how to get essential oils at wholesale prices. (281)419-9104

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