Sports Rehabilitation

Leading a very active lifestyle himself, Dr. Clouthier works with many athletes in various sports on the high school, collegiate, and pro level.  Since January 2011, he has raced two full marathons, three half marathons, four Sprint, two Olympic, one half Ironman distance and two Ironman distance races.  He himself has also had to rehabilitate from a broken collar bone injury so he understands the importance and important value of sports rehabilitation.

sports-rehabAt Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands, we combine corrective care exercises and rehabilitation services to achieve our primary goals: managing pain, restoring mobility to the body, and accelerating the internal healing process.  Rehabilitation is a group of physical methods, procedures, and exercises designed to improve function and stability following and illness or injury.

During the rehabilitation period, we will help enhance overall sports performance by paying attention to the physical components of the specific sport the athlete is involved in.  Each sport has different physical requirements, which need to be addressed appropriately.

The proper sports rehabilitation specific to your injury and sport and chiropractic care will not only treat and prevent sports related injuries in the future, but it can also help improve your athletic performance.

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