kim-taylor“After my shoulder reconstruction, I thought I’d never professionally waterski again. Thanks to Dr. Clouthier, I am traveling the country still skiing and doing what I love.”

~ Kim

reed-conner“My times improved after I got my head straight. Dr. Clouthier helped both my mind and body so I could win big.” – Reed Connor, High School Cross Country Runner of the Year 2009

~ Reed

rebecca-rennie“My low back pain had become debilitating. It’s a constant issue for me. Dr. Clouthier has helped not only my back, but my dance form, too. I am a better and stronger dancer with Dr. Clouthier’s help.”

~ Rebecca

“My baby wouldn’t nurse on one side. I was so frustrated and worried. He was losing weight. I thought I might have to bottle feed him. Then Dr. Clouthier adjusted him three times and he never had a problem after that. He nursed for over a year!”

~ Karen

holly-duke“My three year old daughter was hyper active, couldn’t focus. She was a spinning top! Dr. Clouthier helped us to regulate her blood sugar through diet. In about three weeks, it was like we had a new child. It was almost miraculous. We are so grateful for Dr. Clouthier’s help. I don’t know what we would have done without it.”

~ Holly

“Not only am I a patient of Dr. Clouthier’s, I have been so helped that I started working for Dr. Clouthier, too. Since working for Dr. Clouthier, I’ve changed my diet and my life. I have lost 70 pounds and I’ve never been happier. You will love Dr. Clouthier…both of them!”

~ Carrie

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